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Serious Illness Cover

People are living longer than ever before.  As a result, the chance of being diagnosed with a serious illness at some point in your life is greater.  Many illnesses that were once incurable can now be treated successfully.  However, this can lead to additional expenses while you recuperate.
Serious Illness Cover pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed as suffering from one of a number of specified serious illnesses (including cancer, heart attack and stroke – the principal reasons for claims) or need to undergo specific surgery.  A serious illness payment will only be made once.  The cost of Serious Illness Cover is higher than most Life Cover because the chance of getting a serious illness during the term is significantly greater than the risk of death.

Serious Illness Cover – The Benefits

  • You get a one-off cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specific serious illness.
  • It protects your family financially if you become seriously ill.
  • It gives you more time to focus on what really matters … getting better.

Cancer Cover

There are few families in Ireland that have been unaffected by cancer – one of the main serious illnesses affecting Irish men and women.  Cancer Cover pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with specific types of cancer during the policy term.  While costing much less than traditional Serious Illness Cover, a Cancer Cover policy can provide real peace of mind.

If you have previously been declined Serious Illness Cover, due to a pre-existing illness like diabetes, you may be accepted for Cancer Cover.

Some cancers caught in their early stages may not be eligible to claim under this plan.

Cancer Cover – The Benefits

  • It pays out a cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with cancer of specified severity during the term of your plan.
  • It can help reduce the financial stress of living with cancer.
  • You may be eligible for Cancer Cover even if you have been declined Serious Illness Cover.
  • It gives you important breathing space to focus on what really matters… recovering from your illness.

To discuss your Serious Illness Cover options, please contact Dave at BMC Financial Planning